Outdoor water features can work wonders on the mind. Since there are so many different types of water features available, almost every home’s landscape can tastefully incorporate one. Almost anything can be done in terms of a water feature’s size, shape, and location it all depends on the vision you have for your yard. The basic water features include:

  • Ponds: These can be built in the ground or above the ground. In ground ponds look more natural, but aboveground ponds are easier and faster to build; plus, they’re safer for young children.
  • Streams and waterfalls: Streams can be created in the ground through digging, or they can be made into aboveground features using a stone base. Waterfalls can be incorporated when the stream is built at a slope and steps are dug out; two- to four-inch-high steps create a babbling brook, whereas ten-inch-tall waterfalls generate more significant noise.
  • Fountains: These can be a feature on their own, or they can be part of a body of water. The design possibilities are endless, materials can include concrete, metal, and cast stone; they can be multi-tiered, hung on a wall, or made out of a simple bowl or pot; or they can incorporate a statue.

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