If you‚re building a new home or replacing an existing floor, you‚ll have various flooring materials to choose from, and stone is one of the healthier options to consider. It’s great for high traffic and high humidity areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and entry ways. In addition to durability and water resistance, it can be easily cleaned, and it doesn’t hold as much dirt or debris as other flooring options.

Care and maintenance for stone.

1. Check with local retailers or manufacturing companies to identify the manufacturer‚s recommended instructions for frequency of sealing.

2. To avoid scratching stone floors, leave your shoes at the door, and use an entry rug to help collect debris that is tracked into the house from shoes and can contribute to floor scratches.

3. Clean stone floors with soap for the best results. If you see white streaks left behind when the floor dries, that is soap residue and an indicator that there is too much soap in the water. Rinse the floor with a wet mop or cotton cloth to remove the residual soap. However, always check with the stone supplier on maintenance and care instructions for your specific stone.

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