Keeping the water or steam inside is all you really expect of your shower door, but it can also add a beautiful design element to your space as well. With a variety of styles and sizes, shower doors can accommodate most showering spaces. It’s a bit like the last puzzle piece in your shower design; it should be the easiest to place but the room doesn’t come together without it.

Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind as you explore.
  • Is this for a shower only or a bath/shower combination? There are some differences between the two, so be sure you browse in the correct category.
  • Do you have space limitations that would prevent a shower door from opening into your bathroom? Sliding doors and some pivot doors are better suited to narrow bathrooms.
  • Are you thinking of including steam in your shower? If so, you will need a shower door that extends to the ceiling to hold the steam.
  • Do you prefer the look of framed or frameless doors? There are plenty of options in each category.
  • Will you be installing the door yourself? Some shower doors are specifically designed to be easy to install and to accommodate openings that aren’t entirely square.

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