A sparkling pool is an inviting sight on a hot day, but pools that are not maintained frequently may be cloudy or dirty. a professional spa and pool maintenance helps to keep your pool looking attractive and inviting.

Tips for Keeping Your Swimming Pool Sparkling Clean, Healthy and Ready
  • Check pool chemistry 1-2 times per week during the summer and once per 1-2 weeks in the winter. pH should be kept between 7.2 and 7.8 the lower the pH on this scale the less chlorine your pool will need.
  • Clean out skimmer basket(s) weekly, or as needed if conditions exist. The skimmer is installed in the side of the pool and its primary job is to skim the surface of the pool before debris and contaminants become saturated and float down to the bottom of the pool.
  • Clean the hair and lint pot located on the front of the pool pump every couple of weeks or as needed. Turn off the pump to do this and release pressure on the system. This is the basket installed just inside the clear glass of you swimming pool pump. People with any of the various styles of will rarely need to do this. Instead, they will clean out the debris catcher or leaf basket.
  • Check your water level. Is it too high or too low? Your water needs to be right at the center level of your pool skimmer or pool tile for optimal results and performance. If it is low, it can run the pump dry and burn it up, or if too high, the skimmer door will not work properly.
  • If you have an Ozonator make sure the light is on and it is actually working. Ozone as well as UV or a combination thereof can reduce the amount of chlorine your pool uses. There are different types, and many have different installation and use instructions.
  • Wipe/clean tile line weekly. This will reduce build-up. Keep oh at 7.2 and the scum line will have a hard time developing. When pH is really high the water will leave deposits on everything.
  • Always keep chemicals stored out of direct sunlight. Keep them in a cool dry place. Do not store acid and chlorine right next to each other.
  • Your pool should not need to be shocked on any regular basis if you have an ozone system. If you need to do it, do it at night. Use non-chorine based shock if you plan on swimming any time soon. Another way to shock your pool would be to run your pump for 24 hours using your ozone system. If you are on 24-hour circulation (2-speed or variable speed pumps) than you should be just fine.
  • Keep vegetation, animals, chemicals away from and out of the pool. Nitrates from bird droppings and waste from animals and people are food for algae.
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