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Have you been hearing different sounds from your garage, or noticed quite an unusual number of spiders in your garage or roaches slithering through the kitchen? In that case, you might be having a pest problem. You must take action against it immediately. Along with being creepy and nasty, these pests can also damage your clothes, furniture, and health to some extent. Now the question is, how do you solve this pest problem?

You might be thinking that using pesticides would be the best option to go for, but it's the opposite. The solution to your problem is first to know what type of pests you have roaming around the house and the options you have in hand to deal with those specific pests. Using pesticides to get rid of them is the last resource. However, other actions are also taken to keep your community and home pest-free. The majority of them are focused on clean and wholesome living. For example, getting rid of rodents costs up to $300, based on the home advisor. But little do you know; prevention is far more inexpensive and lasting.

What should I expect from Pest Control Services?
If it is going to be your first time hiring a pest control service, you may wonder what to initially expect. Once you are aware of what to expect, the whole process might become a little distressing. For this, we have listed six things you should be expecting from the first visit to the pest control service.
1. A Professional Introduction
Your professional walks in at the exact given time and in a proper uniform. He or she owes you an introduction about themselves on their arrival. It will help if you feel comfortable in the presence of your professional because the exterminator will have to move things around both outside and inside. This is why you need to speak your mind and ask them any questions that you have, so that you may feel relaxed and let the exterminator do her or his job.
2. Entry Point Inspection
One of the many places the pest control representative would examine is the entry paths to the house because those are the areas where the pests find their way into. This calls for the examination of places like doors, pipes, attics, windows, crawl spaces, and garages. This will take quite some time because the professionals will need to look for the hidden places and cracks from where the pests could enter.
3. Yard Examination
Another important place to check is your yard, along with your other exterior areas. When inspecting the outdoors, professionals might find areas to focus on for any upcoming pest attacks.
4. Moisture Check
Pests' most admirable place is where there is moisture around the home. Due to this, the exterminator will inspect those areas with high moisture. He or she will use equipment like a moisture meter to look for spaces that may give rise to the problem.
5. Review and Report
There is a high probability that your exterminator will take up a few minutes or more to summarize all the findings into a single easy-to-read report for you. Don't be surprised if you see a professional having his or her alone time in the car or at a table. They are coming up with all the plans and treatments for pest control in your house and jot the information down into an easy-to-read report.
6. Discussion
After your professional is all done with writing down all the information, it is time when the professional will sit down and give you time, making you aware of all the findings. You must learn about whatever he or she found, and what are the precautions you can follow to prevent any future pests skittering around your house. Plus, you may go ahead and ask all the questions that need to be answered regarding future services or inspection.

Which company should I hire for Pest Control Services?
When your very own efforts in getting rid of the pests go in vain, you know it is time to let the professionals do the job and bring about your desired results. We know it is pretty hard to find a reliable pest control company, especially when you have a handful of options to choose from.
To get you out of such an overwhelming job of finding an appropriate pest control company, we have provided some questions that will narrow down the options and make it easier for you to choose a suitable company.
1. How many years have you given to this field?
One of the easiest ways to determine the credibility of a pest control company is to ask them about their experienced years over time. More often than not, the longer a company has been into this business, the more expertise they can provide for you.
2. Is your pest control company licensed and bonded?
This is again a very important question not to overlook because a pest control company must be licensed. Each country has its regulations, but being insured is a must. Along with being licensed, the pest control company you are choosing to hire should be bonded so that they take full responsibility if they cause any kind of damage to your house.
3. Do they provide you with any guarantee services for their work?
It is a very crucial part since every company talks only about all their benefits, but doesn't get you signed in for any guarantees. If the company gives you a contract, then make sure to read it carefully and then leave your signature.
4. What kind of pesticides do you tend to use?
For any pest control company to be a reputable choice against their competition, they should be able to tell you about what type of pesticides they plan to use. They also should be able to clarify to you about its side effects, whether or not it’s pet-friendly, and any other details.
5. Do you provide quotes in written form?
Quotes are the estimated amount of money needed to bring about the methods to get you rid of the pests in your house. A reliable pest control company will be able to give you an estimate of the cost. However, some companies will bribe you into accepting a low budget, but end up costing far more than the initial budget. This is why you need to get a written quote.
6. What is your approach to the treatment?
An experienced company will find no issue in letting you know about their way of dealing with the problem. They will give you all the details about the type of pesticides, how they will use it, which areas they will treat, and much more. This is one way of measuring their level of knowledge in this field.
7. Do you have customer reviews?
The easiest way to know about the dependability of a company is by asking them about their customer reviews or testimonials because a successful company won't be afraid of sharing the reviews with you.

Warning: Look out for shady companies
Look out for companies or individuals who rush you into signing a contract or telling you that they have their secret method of dealing with the problem. Moreover, be careful if an individual comes to you out of nowhere and says you that your house is in dire need of getting the pest control services because it comes from your neighborhood. Apart from that, most untrustworthy companies or people who intend to scam homeowners will not have their pesticides registered, nor will they have a working telephone number. Similarly, if someone gives you a package deal, don't fall their rates, because there’s often a catch that might hurt you in the long run. You should do your due diligence to find a proper company that delivers quality pest control to your home.

How can I prevent pest invasions?
Pest Control treatment is not a lasting treatment if you are not following any preventive measures. You need to understand the fact that prevention is cheaper than treatments. This is why we have some precautionary measures written down.
1. Make sure to close all the cracks and holes in and outside the house, especially from the entry points.
2. Keep your basement, crawl spaces, and attics aired.
3. Seal your garbage in containers and get rid of them regularly.
4. Change the weather stripping and fix the loose cement areas, mostly around the foundation of the basement and windows.
5. If you want to store firewood, keep it 20 feet away from your house and five inches above the ground.

How much does hiring a pest control service cost?
Usually, it takes $250 for pest control to assess and handle a home, but if you hire an exterminator, the cost rises from between $250 to $400.
The price you pay for the pest control service will also depend upon their frequency of visits to your home:
1. The amount you pay for the services of the pest control company ranges between $300 to $550 for the initial visit. In this visit, they should have to access each and everything that can be the cause or can become the reason for the entrance of pests in the first place. They will be able to find out any pest’s favorite hiding spot and remove them with ease.
2. Later, the price is affected by whether you want monthly, bi-monthly (every two months), or quarterly visits.
• Every month: $40 to $45
• Every two months (semi-monthly): $50 to $60
• Every three months (quarterly): $100 to $300

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