A handyman is an all-rounder: a person who comes along with a large variety of fixing usual and not-so-usual everyday house problems. Alternatively, some handymen pick up a skill of their interest and specialize in construction-related work, electrical, plumbing, and so on. But the majority of them are jacks of all trades, which allow them to work on different house issues, whether it's relevant to stuck doors, lock changes, or involves appliances to painting projects. On top of these flexible skills, the perfect handyman would not be complete without top-notch communication skills. The base of a handyman’s job revolves around the "fix-it" knowledge that they use to patch up whatever issues you have around your home.

What services do handymen provide?
Handyman services have been there for quite a long period that we can't be sure of when it started. With each passing year, new inventions, tools, appliances were made, and with those came new issues to cater to. In the old times, there was an exact list of services, but now the times have changed. There is an uncountable list of services provided by the handymen. We have highlighted some of them down below.
Bathroom improvements, repairs, and maintenance:
A bathroom is essential to every house and a place of regular usage, but with a high amount of utilization lies an even higher probability of damages. This is where a professional handyman's services are needed.
They will ensure we enjoy our daily morning shower as if there was never an issue. The bathroom repair comprises drywalls, shower tiles, flooring, and all the maintenance within.
An expert handyman will also deal with the repair and installation of tiles when wherever needed in the different spaces of your house. The options of tiles installed by a professional handyman are stone tiles, glass tiles, ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles.
Are you looking forward to spending your perfect summer in your house, drenching yourself in the natural sunlight coming into your house? Then pick up your phone and call upon a proficient handyman to paint your dream summer into a reality. The handyman will provide services like power washing, staining, fixing, sanding, painting, or cleaning your deck to create a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy your day.
Windows repairs and installation:
In the long term, everything gets worn out, and the same is the case with the performance of our windows. Fitting windows and their repair at the residential level increases your house's resale value. A handyman really comes in handy regarding window different types of windows and issues related to the window frames.
Gutter cleaning and maintenance:
Cleaning the gutter may not seem like a difficult task, but it can be a messy job that requires climbing up to the rooftop. Let the professionals deal with it as they have just the appropriate tools, and you won't have to put yourself at the risk of climbing the roof. Additionally, a professional handyman can set up gutter guards to avoid any seasonal hindrances.
Touch-ups and painting:
If you have a small painting job, like a wall, garage door, touch-ups of scratch marks, or repairing small holes with spackle – consider a handyman. On the other hand, it is not advisable to hire a handyman for large-scale repairing and painting jobs, as they typically charge hourly rates.
With all the other perks, expert handyman services also include different types of outdoor jobs at home. They will help in getting new installations and repair done for you. The facilities they provide include:
- Wood rot and Dry rot
- Siding repair
- Professional Stucco repair
- Fence
- Interior stucco repair
- Fascia and Soffit repair
- Exterior stucco repair
- Gutter guard installation
- Gutter cleaning and repair

A general handyman is not just a person with some tools. A handyman is a lifesaver when water becomes a homeowner's greatest enemy, whether it's leaking pipes or clogged kitchen sinks, and the list keeps going on and on. These small jobs seem easy to cater to, but they are not. If you think you can do such little tasks on your own, then you are choosing the wrong direction. No one is better than a person with just the appropriate tools to deal with your issue, someone who got hands-on experience and a whole lot of knowledge.

Here are 10 tips for hiring a handyman
Tip #1. Ask for references:
When you've got a handful of options for the handyman, you know it is time to ask for references from your friends, family or even neighbors. That will narrow down the list.
Tip #2. Test your handyman on smaller projects first:
As we go through our list of home improvement fixes to reach for the top priorities, we always start with the baby steps, and that's the same technique you should use for the handyman jobs. Assign them smaller projects, and examine if they complete it just the way you wanted it to be as they come on time and give you a taste of their expertise. Once they pass that test, you may move on to the more significant projects.
Tip #3. Know what you want:
The more precise you are about your needs, the better your project will turn out. This happens because no one can read your mind, and you need to speak your mind to put your needs out there. For example, if you need to paint a kitchen wall, then discuss the type of paint you want, the number of coats of paints and if you want the hinges painted or not. If you do not communicate what you want, the contractor will think about the job from their perspective and judgment, and their decision might not meet your needs and desires.
Tip #4. Check the previous reviews:
Ask the recent clients about their work and take some time out to call their former clients and ask for their opinion about that particular handyman.
Tip #5. Ask for permits:
Most jobs do not require any permits, but that doesn't mean none of the jobs require permits. Some jobs require permits from the city or the country. Your handyman will pull permits for you, and then you need to play your part of the job because you don't want to violate any laws.
Tip #6. Get estimates in written form:
Get all the details in the written form to have a guaranteed piece of writing. Make sure to write down all information in regards to the cost, material, schedule, and just everything in general.
Tip #7. Watch out for door-to-door handymen:
Most door-to-door handymen are a scam. The professionals wouldn't need to solicit; rather, their work will speak for themselves. Beware of handymen who pressure you get to get building permits, cash in advance, or force you to make a quick decision.
Tip #8. Don't choose the cheapest in town:
It would be much better if you avoid being frugal considering a handyman for an important home project. While looking for a professional handyman, there comes some cost - because, believe it or not, with the lowest pricing comes the risk of unprofessional work, and none of us want that to happen.
Tip #9. Do not pay for upfront payment:
There is a high probability that if a handyman asks you for a down payment, even if it's just 10% of the total budget, that person would be a scam. A right expert would never ask you for any down payments, and if something gets out of the budget, then they will ask you to pay to the supplier directly.
Tip #10. Check the insurance and license:
Many states have processes to get the handymen certified. One must check out the handymen's license and certifications. Make sure to see their expertise on a piece of paper.

Before you choose the handyman, these are some of the questions you should be asking them.
1. How many years have you worked in this business?
2. What is your expertise regarding this project?
3. Can you provide me with sample pictures of the recent work you did like this project?
4. Can you show me your license and certification?
5. In what way do you prefer to communicate?
6. What will be the cost of this project?
7. How long will this project proceed?
8. Can you give me the full breakdown of the cost you gave me for my project?
9. Can you give a little introduction about yourself?
10. Will this project conducted by a team or by an individual?
11. What is the guarantee of your work?
12. Can you write a contract for the cost before starting the project?

Since there are many possibilities out there, you need to be very careful while choosing a reliable and trusted handyman for your home. It is a challenging job to select a handyman. To solve that problem, we have mentioned some traits of a good handyman for you.
1. Skilled: Skill is what separates a handyman from one another. Therefore, it is imperative to keep in mind the skill set of the handyman you plan on to hire.
2. Reliable: One of the most important things is that your handyman should be someone you can rely on. The reliability of a handyman depends on whether they are on time or not. Do they finish by the deadline, and do they listen to your needs? If so, then they are very reliable.
3. Certified and Insured: Ensure the handyman you choose to hire is insured and makes their way to being the members of the Association of Certified Handyman Experts so that if any injury or mishap happens, they will be responsible for it.
4. No upfront payment: If your handyman tries to force you into making a down payment, then beware: this is a red flag, and you shouldn't ignore it.
5. Honest: If there is something that they can't do, they will not forcefully impose you into believing that they can do the job. Instead, they will honestly tell you that this is not their part to play.

What is the cost of hiring a handyman?
The average cost of hiring a handyman is $390. However, the typical cost can range between $65 to $1200. The paying method can be an hourly rate or flat pricing. The hourly rate lies between $60 to $125 per hour, and the cost of materials is separate. On the other hand, flat rate prices are inclusive of material, size of the area, work scope, as well as the location.

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