Would you like to enjoy your backyard without the worry of insects, rough weather, or debris? A screen enclosure will add beauty, value, and functionality to your home.

5 Benefits of Having a Screen Enclosure:

1. Privacy. Whether you want to take a quiet dip in the pool or simply read a book in your backyard, screen enclosures can significantly increase your sense of privacy. Plus, they wont take away the view of your beautiful backyard, which means you can still enjoy your property in its entirety.

2. Protection. Not only can screen enclosures protect you from pesky insects and frogs, but it can also keep the more dangerous animals away from your pool. In Florida where they are common, creatures like alligators and snakes can often find themselves in your backyard.

3. Maintenance. Regardless of whether you have a pool or not, a screen enclosure can help prevent debris and leaves from invading your backyard oasis. That means less maintenance and more time to enjoy the lovely Florida weather.

4. Safety. Whether you have young children or small pets, having a screen enclosure can be especially important in preventing them from wandering off. Additionally, it can also protect your backyard property from damage, theft and even vandalism.

5. Value. Screen enclosures can add significant value to your home, especially considering all the benefits that it offers. So even if you dont plan to live in your current home forever, screen enclosures are still be a good investment.

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