From cleaning precision to reclaiming surfaces, sandblasting is an invaluable technique to improve the appearance of your deteriorating surfaces, and increase the lifespan of your property

The things to be careful with are:

1. Dont let rain or hose water carry the mess into the gutter which is part of the city sewer system.

2. The noise can shut you down. Most cities will have a “nuisance“ zoning rule. Best bet is to approach all the neighbors ahead of time.

3. Especially downwind, the dust will make a mess next door. You might advise and offer to sweep up and/or cover stuff. Again - approach the neighbors ahead of time.

4. Opacity is when a dust cloud obscures your view. The county says if visibility is 20% obscured for more than three minutes in any 60 minute period you can be cited. Best defense is blasting wet.

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