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It is becoming a norm to see families cook outside. This style of cooking outdoors has also gained popularity in the United States. Mortgage holders are finding out about the delights of utilizing an open-air kitchen in their courtyard. Have you ever recognized the pleasure of a porch kitchen addition to your home? Regardless of whether you're constructing a new house, or just better utilizing your space, making a spot for outside cooking could be a wise decision to make.

What are the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen?
We can list seven beneficial reasons why you should add an outdoor kitchen to your home:
1. Good for entertainment
A significant advantage of having an outdoor kitchen is that they're ideal for entertainment. At the point when food is barbecued out on the yard, guests can assemble around the BBQ grill and mingle as supper is being prepared. An indoor kitchen may get overcrowded when everybody wants to spend some time with the cook. However, there is significantly more space outdoors. You can build the solace for your gathering visitors with the addition of porch radiators, open-air decorations, light strings, and festive music.
2. Increases value of your home
Due to the fame of this home enhancement, remodelers spare no effort when creating an outdoor kitchen for a client’s home. A large portion of the present BBQ grills and other porch tools are produced using stainless steel due to which they can efficiently deal with the altering temperatures in the upcoming seasons. Another good thing about stainless steel is that it can be cleaned easily. At the point when you finally have invested in an outside kitchen, you can utilize and earn for a long time.
3. Saves on utility bills
Whenever you have barbecues outdoors during the year, you don't need to turn on your AC for a longer time to lower your home temperature. At the point when you prepare, fry, and cook dishes in your indoor kitchen, your house’s temperature rises a few degrees, which leads the AC to work harder to compensate. Whenever you experience cooking outside, you are saving money on power utilization.
4. Keeps unsavory smells outside
A few dishes smell amazing while they are being cooked, while some others are less captivating. Whenever you are cooking deep-fried meats or fish, their fragrances last for quite a long time. By having an outdoor kitchen to grill in, your home’s indoors will remain odor-free and fresh whenever you have a barbeque.
5. Expands your living space
There is no compelling reason to add on a home with a rooftop and walls; so, utilize the space you have on your back patio! If you have a secured porch, you're good to go to acquire machines and have the outdoor kitchen you have always wanted. In your outdoor cooking zone, you and your friends and family can hold birthday celebrations, occasions, or appreciate nature from the comfort of your backyard.
6. Improve the Taste of Healthier Food
In addition to the fact that barbecuing enhances the food flavor, this strategy also holds benefits for your waistline. The final product will be more beneficial and contain low-fat calories since fat dribbles off meats when they're barbecued.
7. Save money on restaurant meals
When you have your dining room in your backyard and a little yard cooking, why would you need to go out to an eatery? Regularly eating at cafes can make your pockets drain quickly. Whenever you decide to eat at home, especially from your stylish outdoor kitchen, you’ll be saving money instead of going out to eat expensive meals.

What do you need for an outdoor kitchen?
Since you now have seven valid justifications for adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, you will have to consider a couple of things. To start with, here are a few items to consider adding:
- BBQ grill
- Smoker
- Prep surface
- Refrigerator
- Storage space for food
- Pizza oven
- Bar
- Lighting
- Ceiling fan
- Table
- Heating
- Chairs
- Entertainment system
- Plants
- Firepit

What should you have in your outdoor kitchen?
You will have to think about how and what should be included in your outdoor kitchen as well as its design. For instance, an air passage for proper ventilation is very important, so focus on the space above and beneath your grill. Whisking the smoke away from your cooking territory is a must. Don't forget to check your kitchen’s dimensions before purchasing your machines and other items. A few other things to examine when arranging your layout are:
1. Built-in or portable grill:
Choose how enormous of a barbecue you need and decide whether you need a fixed or movable one. If you are cooking for huge groups, you'll need a bigger size. However, if you have decided to only cook for your family, plan for a little barbecue party and a smaller grill.
2. Countertops:
How much surface space would you want in your open-air kitchen? Plan your ledge area for your future arrangements accordingly. Additionally, make sure that you are selecting countertop materials that can bear climate changes due to the weather outdoors.
3. Built-in cabinets:
You may require a little assistance planning the design of your porch cupboards. Try not to underestimate the requirement for cupboards outside, or you will end up running back and forth between your indoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen for supplies, which will hamper your overall comfort level.
4. Lighting:
You will most likely make a lot of your supper arrangement late at night; thus, you must have adequate lighting in your yard. You certainly will never desire to be cleaving and cutting meat in the dark. Additionally, you should have the option to see your barbecued things in the light to ensure they're medium, uncommon, and are nicely done.
5. Sink:
A sink with clean water is fundamental in preparing good food. The sink should be placed close to where you cook for ease in tidy up and adding water to dishes.
6. Refrigerator:
It's on you to choose whether you need a larger fridge or a smaller one. Your choice will be determined on how you plan to store food outside when it comes time to start your grilling or party activities.
7. Flooring:
Regular concrete stones, tiles, and blocks are acceptable choices for flooring outside. It would be convenient for you to have a low-maintenance patio for your outdoor kitchen. However, never compromise on style and water resistance.

What types of outdoor kitchen enclosures are available?
If you want a roof or extra security to protect your outdoor kitchen from the elements, you have several options available for enclosures. They range from the wooden aesthetic of a pergola to a full patio.
Pergola: It adds a nice visual finish, and you can decorate it with vines and flowers, but since it has space between the rafters, pergolas provide limited weather protection. The price range for a pergola is between $2,000-$5,300.
Gazebo: It provides much better weather protection, looking like a hut in your backyard. However, it's much more costly, ranging from $3,500-$9,500.
Patio enclosure: There is no doubt that patio enclosures for your outdoor kitchen are the best protection against the changing weather. However, you may feel that it visually limits the outdoor feel of the kitchen. The cost lies within a range of $8,000-$25,000.

How big should my outdoor kitchen be?
Open-air kitchens can be made in various sizes. At the point when you're deciding the plan, design, and accessible area for your guests, it's useful to think of your outdoor kitchen in four fundamental sizes.
Small (10 square feet): A little kitchen, for the most part, incorporates a sink, a flame broil, and have some capacity. At least thirty-six inches of working counter space is needed, with a minimum twenty-four inches depth.
Fundamentals (13 square feet): Somewhat bigger, it commonly has a refrigerator alongside a barbecue, a sink, and have some capacity. It ought to have at any rate forty-eight inches of working counter space, and a minimum twenty-four inches depth.
Medium-sized (straight 16 feet): To the fundamental's kitchen, a medium-sized kitchen includes more counter space and stockpiling and faster refrigeration. There ought to be minimum seventy-two inches of working counter space, and twenty-four inches depth.
Large size (above 20 square feet): A vast kitchen includes every enhancement and can oblige different cooks. Give one hundred and fifty-six inches of ledge facing at twenty-four inches depth.

How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?
The cost for a traditional outdoor kitchen extends somewhere in the range of $5,356 and $21,538. In uncommon scenarios with additional items, you can settle up to $100,000.
Your backyard kitchen structure's expense per linear foot will probably run somewhere in the range of $300 and $750 per linear foot. That incorporates the finish, ledges, structure, and yard surface.
Infrastructure prices run dependent on strength and quality. Likewise, with any kitchen, the segments you decide to include will influence the cost. For instance, countertops with hollow ledges might be more reasonable for your budget; however, they may not have the sturdiness required to endure stormy climates.
Assume to pay somewhere in the range of $200 and $600 per linear foot for the system. These will account for your kitchen's core strength, the frame that holds up your cupboard entryways, and the ledge. For the installation alone, you are expected to pay somewhere in the range of $3,000 and $12,000.

Doing Your Backyard Kitchen Yourself vs. Hiring a Pro
Homeowners may be able to save up 20-40% of a project’s total cost by starting a little lawn project. That may include setting up racking and shelves to your outdoor kitchen area yourself or allocating space for your flame broil. More intricate tasks need broad mastery and greater experience. You can also spare a portion of the project’s spending plan by building the kitchen system yourself, and then letting an expert handle what remains.
Working with gas lines, power, or plumbing lines requires experts who realize how to follow nearby construction standards and keep the area dry and well-protected. Having an experienced outdoor kitchen professional can also help ensure a quality installation, along with reputable suggestions for your design and support throughout the installation process.

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