New outdoor landscape lighting can allow you to stay outdoors longer in the evenings. No matter what features you choose, they’ll not only provide beauty but also function!

Outdoor Lighting Ideas
String Lighting

String lights are an easy and fairly inexpensive way to add light to your backyard or garden. Simply string them up, plug them in, and you’re ready for a cozy night outside.


Using lanterns as a source of outdoor lighting is great because they’re easy to move, they set the mood, and they come in a wide range of styles. Depending on the look you’re going for and how much light you want from them, you can find lanterns that use either LED lights or candles.

Strips of Hidden LED Lights

Placing LED strips along the base of your stairs or under furniture is a simple way to brighten up your backyard or garden and makes the space safer. It creates a super modern look and transforms the outdoor area into a place that can be enjoyed at all hours of the day and night.


Make a statement in your backyard and garden by positioning lights under trees and plants as well as right up against a wall. It’ll brighten the space while also making it look more dramatic and cozy.

Orbs & Spheres

Create an ethereal look by using spheres and orbs throughout your backyard, garden, or on your patio. You can hang them individually or cluster them in groups on the ground to set a mystical vibe and create a perfect little oasis.

Pots & Planters

Chances are you’re going to want to have planters in your yard. Why not make them pull double duty as both planters and light sources. They come in a huge range of sizes so whether you’re planting a few flowers or a massive hedge, an illuminated planter is up for the job.


Adding glowing furniture to your backyard, garden, or patio is a fun way to brighten the space while also solving the problem of including furniture and decor.

Pendant Lights

If you have a dedicated dining area in your backyard, pendant lights can be used to shed some light on mealtime conversation and let the outdoor festivities carry on late into the night.

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