Motorized Blinds are becoming more and more popular in homes as the years progress and smart home technology becomes more accessible. There are many different types of motorized blinds and come in various styles and colors to match the design of any room. There are 3 types’ motorized shades you have the choice of battery powered, wireless or wired. Battery powered blinds are the most affordable option as they don’t require any type of wiring; the only downside is having to hire a professional to replace the batteries every 2-3 years. Wireless Blinds are the most technologically advanced solution with the motor of the blinds connecting to a controller wirelessly. Wired blinds require power running to each shade through a set of wires that connects back to a control center control system.

With motorized blinds you can constantly adjust the setting of the blinds based on the sun to maximize energy efficiency and keep your home cool at all times. Some Motorized blinds even have times to automatically adjust the blinds based on the time of day to open or close the blinds. When looking for motorized blinds some manufacturers have a roof mounted sun position sensor to help reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home.

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