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Within your entire house, the bathroom is used the most. It’s the room that continuously undergoes periodic renovations, whether they involve replacing bathroom fittings or changing bathroom tiles. Recently, all homeowners have been craving for a modern and elegant bathroom design without feeling suffocated in their spaces. Bathrooms have become a very crucial feature of the house. Glass and mirrors are the best options in helping you to reach your sleek, airy, and stylish bathroom. Glass can act as a significant feature, whether it's tempered glass, laminated glass, or any other type. Similarly, a bathroom without a mirror is also incomplete. These two elements play a vital role in the entire design of the bathroom.
One might think that using glass in your bathroom is not the best option since it is transparent. Since bathing areas are a place meant to be kept private, glass in bathrooms can seem like a contradictory statement. However, thanks to all the new inventions and advancements in the types of glass manufacturing, it is possible to style our bathrooms while keeping our privacy safe.

What types of glass are there to choose from?
1. Tempered glass for shower doors and partitions
Utilizing tempered glass is the most innovative and beneficial approach towards renovating a bathroom, separating the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. This idea can come into life by using enclosures that look modern and sleek, or you can use shower cubicles. They are manufactured in such a way that they have a high tendency towards any kind of impact as a toughened glass, specifically the doors to provide safety to the occupants. Mostly, the bathroom floors are always wet and slippery, which increases the probability of you slipping more. To prevent this, the tempered glass should be used for cubicles, partitions, shower doors, and so on because they help immensely.
2. Frosted glass for windows and shower enclosures
Everyone needs a bathroom with full privacy, yet no one's ready to compromise on the looks. To make it happen, all you need to do is get a frosted glass as it perfectly creates a balanced boundary line between visibility and a not-so-dark atmosphere. Frosted glass is manufactured by the method of acid etching and sandblasting, which gives a hazy and translucent look to the surface of the glass. This is what makes it an ideal option when it comes to bathroom partitions, and windows, and even shower enclosures.
3. Lacquered glass for cabinets and shelves
Are you hoping to get those pretty, aesthetically pleasing colors to your bathroom? The most idealistic way is to spice up your bathroom with colorful highlights using a lacquered glass. This type of glass is painted with different kinds of hues on one side of its surface, which ensures a long-lasting and high-quality finish look. Utilizing lacquered glass for small bathroom installations and even cabinets or shelves give your bathroom a very appealing vibe. Moreover, they are suitable for the bathroom's tough environments, as they are heat and moisture resistant.
4. Textured glass
You might think textured glass designs are implemented after the glass is finished. In actuality, textured glass design is pressed onto the glass while it is still in production. It is pressed when the glass is still in molten form. The outcome of it gives you a wide variety of styles and choices, which also varies in the heights of keeping your privacy safe.

What types of bathroom mirrors can I choose from?
A mirror is not just a piece with reflective properties. It plays a significant part in giving your bathroom a finished, complete look. Mirrors also are a very important element when it comes to making a statement in your home’s décor. Get a mirror from any local store or a home décor store. Consider the area where the mirror is to be placed and the bathroom style when you are choosing to buy a mirror for your bathroom. Choose the mirror that packs a two-in-one benefit, which serves both decorative and practical purposes.

1. Framed mirrors
This type of mirror is notably the most basic, yet the most versatile. It has an extensive range of designs to choose from and can maximize the style of your bathroom. The frames also come in different designs, whether you are looking for a simple or highly fancy one.
2. Lighted mirrors
The specialty of this type of mirror is that it has built-in lights into the mirror and instantly gives you the perks of feeling like a celebrity. If your bathroom is low when it comes to lighting, then this type of mirror is the best option, as the light bulbs are already installed in the mirror.
3. Ledge mirrors
If you don't have enough counter space to display your everyday products, your choice should be a ledged mirror, also known as shadow boxes. They have built-in shelves for holding your products like creams, lotions, soaps, or any other beauty product.
4. Frameless mirrors
If your choice of style is minimalistic for your bathroom, then a frameless mirror is perfect because it is simple and having a buffed edge. This kind of mirror is best for modern bathrooms.
5. Pivot mirrors
These mirrors are known for their flexibility since they are almost similar to the framed mirrors. You can tilt the mirrors as they are mounted to the wall by two hinged points.
6. Extension mirrors
Swingarm or extension mirrors are installed on a wall with an accordion mount. This is a perfect way out for those of you who are having cramped bathrooms because you can easily contract the mirror and extend it.

What should I consider before installing glass or mirrors in my bathroom?
Here at the Home Pros Guide, we have some points to consider before choosing the perfect glass or mirror for your bathroom:
A. Your budget
This part is the heaviest to read for most people, but this is where everyone needs to start. On the bright side, several companies provide an estimate to aid you in completing your task. Most companies virtually help you at every stage of choosing the best glass or mirror. By guiding your decisions, uou will be confident in your choice without having to worry about your pocket range.
B. Amount of space available
You must be aware of the space you have in your bathroom. Where is your shower located and how you want to feel the inside of the shower are the critical questions for choosing a good glass. For a mirror, make sure you are known to where you want the mirror to be. Is it opposite to light or not? Is it your height or not? Does it go with the entire design of the bathroom or not?
C. Upkeep for the door
It is essential to keep cleaning your glass or mirror because moisture may reside inside, especially if you have a sealed shower glass. On the other hand, if you wish, you can use a shower glass with some space above it for ventilation and dry up the moisture.
D. Your style
This is where the fun part comes in because it is the last stage. You get to choose all the appliances for your bathroom, whether it's remolding, renovating, or selecting the type of glass or mirror you want for your bathroom. Everything depends upon your choice and needs. From all the categories, glass is the most important. Opt for a milkier glass if your primary concern is your privacy. However, if your most significant need is light in the bathroom, get yourself a clear glass door because it allows the light to come into your space.

How much do mirror installations cost?
Various factors affect the overall cost of installation, but the usual price range homeowners pay between $157 up to $463.

How much are shower glass doors and installations?
$914 is the average cost of installation, whereas most homeowners are paying within $546 and $1,320 range. Three fundamental factors affect the cost: door size, door type, and glass type.
A sliding door style is more trending, with $100 to $300 for the door itself and then add another $200 to $300 as the installation fee. Adding a glass door will not only make your bathroom look fancy and keeping the area private but also increases the resale value of your home.

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