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Windows come in different styles and sizes that complete the final look of our house. They help homeowners get enough Vitamin-D and enable the natural light to drown our rooms during the day. Moreover, brighter rooms appear bigger than they actually are. Windows also allow fresh air inside to keep it pleasant and dry. Your windows play an essential part in determining your house's style, whether it’s more modern or traditional. You can personalize your windows according to your needs and tastes.

Types of windows for your home

There are 10 different types of windows, each type of meeting the style needs of specific individuals. Even then, if you are not able to find your window type that matches your style, we have the eleventh option for you!

1. Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows 

Double-Hung windows are comprised of window glass panes being divided by two sashes that glide in either direction – vertically upwards or downwards within the structure of the frame, so they do not project to the interior or exterior of the house. The cost of a double-hung vinyl window varies between $450 - $600. On the other hand, a single-hung window opens wide from only the bottom, and the top glass remains fixed. A single-hung window costs between $170 - $360 each window.

2. Casement Windows 

These casement windows function with the turning of a crank in an operating mechanism. These are hinged windows. They open to the outside of the house, and the hinge may be fitted to the right or left of the door glass frame. These windows usually cost between $270 - $750 on each installment of a window.

3. Awning Windows 

Pivoting at the top, awning windows open outward and allow the air inside from left or right and bottom. They can be installed in different ways, whether below or above, or beside an operating or stationary window. Awning windows are the best option for climates where rain is frequent because they open in such a way that it creates a water-resistant awning above the opening it provides. They cost between $420-$760 per window with the installation.

4. Picture Window 

Everyone wants a full view of the beautiful outdoors, whether it may be the landscape, mountains, or the pleasing lush green backyard. The ideal choice of windows is to have a picture window. They are large to give a complete and unblocked view of everything because they do not have any visible frames or breaks. This type of window is a stationary window and lets the maximum amount of light in and the sight of outdoors. Picture windows cost between $245-$850 according to their size.

5. Transom Window 

Transom windows are the type of windows that can either be functional or non-functional (stationary). These windows are small, usually installed above a door or window to let in the extra light. They are mostly available in semicircle shape but also come in rectangular or square shape. The cost of installing a transom window is between $200 - $575. They can be a beautiful home accent to most windows or entryways. Transom windows are typically used as an accent piece for any home, being an aesthetically appealing add-on to any property.

6. Stationary Windows 

As the word itself describes, these windows are non-operational and will not open like typical windows. They can be personalized in almost any desired angle or shape. They are mostly found in modern, present-day houses along with operating windows.

7. Arched Windows 

Arched windows have circular curved tops that give a conceptual design to your house. Arched windows are usually a blend of windows with an immobile window panel in the middle, edged either by a double-hung window or casement window. The installation cost of an arched window varies, though the range is around $325-$500 each.

8. Bay Windows 

Bay windows extend out to the exterior of the house or wall and create a small ledge in the home. Bay windows are a set of mostly three windows constructed into an angled frame built outside the house. Their signature style starts with a window in the middle, and the other two are angled at 30 to 40 degrees. A bay window is quite expensive to install since they are larger and requires a professional installer. Their cost range is between $1,150 - $3,350.

9. Bow Windows 

Bow windows are custom-made curved windows that give a circular shape towards the outside of the house. The cost of bow windows varies according to the number of panels you use to create the complete bow curve, which can sometimes get more costly as compared to a full bay window. They can cost around $1,400 - 3,800.

10. Hopper Windows 

Hopper windows crank open from the top to tip down. This kind of window is mostly found in bathrooms or basements because they make great use of compact spaces. They are famous for providing efficient insulation because when they are entirely closed, they seal up against the frame. The cost of installing a hopper window varies from $265 - $720 each.

11. Custom Windows 

Yes, this is the eleventh option! When no standard windows fulfill your demand or choice, but you need windows to light up your space, that’s a great opportunity to opt for custom-made windows according to your area, style, and requirements. You have to call a professional to measure the dimensions and craft a custom window accordingly.

Cost consideration for new home windows

There are several factors that can affect the overall cost of replacing old windows or installing new windows that you want. We have mentioned six cost consideration factors below:

• Different kind of windows 

• Size of the window (cost increases according to size) 

• The frame of the window (wood, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, etc.) 

• Types of window glass (sound-proof, double pane, energy-efficient, argon gas fill, etc.) 

• Rates of local labor (changes by demand in the area, location, etc.) 

• Cost of your window project (average cost ranges between $150 - $750 per window) 

• How to assess your window dealer or contractor? 


To figure out the perfect professional window dealer/contractor for your window project:

• Get a quote from at least 3-4 contractors near you

• Check the website of every contractor 

• Does the website look up to date and professional? 

• Explore how the customer reviews each contractor 

• Are the reviews largely positive? Take into consideration the negative review and responses 


Ask each windows contractor/dealer on the phone the following questions: 

1. How long have you been in the window industry? 

2. What is your experience regarding window installation or repair? 

3. What is the estimated budget for this project? 

4. Can you give me a list of references? 

5. Can you provide verification of insurance for worker's compensation, personal liability, and property damage coverage? 


Installation of windows – a systematic process

The installation or replacement of windows is not a 5-step process; rather involves twice the number of steps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how professionals install a window:

1. Pre-installation: Taking custom measurements to ensure a perfect fit 

2. Protecting the home and preparing the work area. 

3. Removing old windows or making a hole to install new windows. 

4. Installing frames. In case of replacement, old structures might work or may need some repair. 

5. Preparing and cleaning the openings. 

6. Installing the new window or replacement units. 

7. Sealing and insulating the newly installed window. 

8. Checking the new units and making sure they are operating smoothly. 

9. Applying trims. 

10. Cleaning the work area.

These steps are not that easy as they appear in writing. You might only be able to do the last step. You can't do the pro work yourself, especially without the right tools and knowledge. Save yourself the hassle and hire a professional window contractor for your home projects.

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