Wall paper used to be a thing of the past, But this trend is making its way back into people’s homes with a twist. Want to spruce up your home quick, wall paper is the perfect way to give your home a new fresh feel. There are thousands of designs and prints to help you achieve any look you want in your home.

Main Types of Wallpaper

Traditional Wallpaper

One of the most popular type. Can be single or double  layered. Cellulose is the main component of the product. They are very ecological, they let walls breathe, therefore they are widely used for bedrooms  and dining rooms. They are very affordable and accessible, can be literary found in any design store. However, the colors fade away in the sun, and they are not washable. Some of the wallpapers are less resistant to moist, therefore it is hard to apply them to a wall without washing away some of the color or them being stretched.

Vinyl Wallpaper

A very popular type of wallpapers. They consist of a backing layer, paper or fiber, and a plastic upper coating. Their practical day to day advantages are obvious: they are washable, light- resistant, relatively cheap and extremely durable which makes them the ideal candidate of frequently used rooms (kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms). Should only be changed every 10–20 years. Vinyl wallpapers vary greatly in color and pattern, they can imitate wood, stone, concrete, etc. However, they do not allow the walls to breathe, they might extract toxic fumes, so they should not be used in bedrooms and badly ventilated spaces.

Embossed Wallpaper

Textured and embossed wallpapers add depth and an interesting contrast to plain walls. The textures can range from delicate and soft fabric inspired imprints through to dramatic geometrics. The most popular colors are cream, stone and taupe as these create a wonderful natural palette which can co-ordinate with most other accent and feature colors. Embossed wallpaper can hide the wall defects: scratches, cracks and wall roughness in general.

Liquid Wallpaper

They consist of cellulose and cotton fiber. Have to be applied in a liquid form with the help of a special pallet. Such wallpaper have a high level from the clutch surface that allows their use even in rooms with uneven walls, defects and cracks on the surface. Repair of damaged sites wallpaper is quite easy: you should only remove coating from this area, mix with water, add fresh filler and apply spatula back. It takes 24 hours to fully dry. It is ecological and easy to use. It has a good thermal and sound insulation. It is composed of natural materials, nontoxic. Allows the wall “to breathe” and controls the amount of moisture in the room. In a way, it is similar to paint, different patterns and images can be manually drawn on the wall or ceiling. However, this material has a significant disadvantage: it can be easily rinsed off with water. On the other hand, this is a plus when you remove the old layer of a liquid wallpaper. When inaccurately applied it makes the room look very cheap and untidy.

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