Remodeling means to change the form of something or the structure of it. Remodels typically work to change the layout, appearance, or function of a room. Remodeling relates to "transforming" or "changing" a home or a building. Another way to put this term in simple words is that remodelers work to transform or improve the room's layout or the existing design. Suppose you are going to give your bathroom a remodel. In that case, all you are doing is changing the bathroom's appearance.

Why should you remodel your home?
There’s plenty of reasons to remodel a room, whether you are tired of your abode’s setting, or you want to amplify the worth by upgrading your home. Remodeling doesn't only refer to refurbish your nest’s interest. Still, it can also enhance the functionality of any of your rooms. If you are in dire need of a change, we have broken down the reasons for you to opt for remodeling.

1. Increasing sales potential
When they say your first expression is your last expression, that statement works for the sales price of your home too. The external appearance of your house gives a whole new vibe to your property. Neat landscaping, clean shutters, fresh paint, and even a new roof will instantly increase your house's sales potential - especially if you are looking forward to selling it.

2. Preparing for retirement
When you are planning to live the last years of your life in the same house, then it becomes very crucial to renovate it as everything gets worn out with time. Revamp your home also with age-in-place features, which involves getting rid of bathtubs and installing accessible step-in showers, or including toilets for people in wheelchairs or with limited movement.

3. Increasing your savings in the long-run
Are you tired of paying those extra bills for your utilities? All you need to do is install an energy-efficient window in place of your single-panel windows. This replacement promises you to save hundreds in your next monthly bill.

4. Home is where the heart is
The kitchen is considered the heart of the house. Whether it's family or friends, you all will be spending maximum time in there. It isn't the bedroom where most men fall in love with a woman, but in reality, it's the kitchen. Take account of changing your refrigerator, installing a new stove, or putting in some extra cabinets to increase the functionality and make it much more aesthetically pleasing.

5. Make it right
Your bathroom may seem to function just right, but extra care doesn't harm anyone. It's never too late to set up new plumbing and replace that boring, ugly plain mirror with a glamorous framed mirror. Another critical note is the lighting because the lighting is everything, especially for ladies who spend hours checking up on their make-up.

6. You love your neighborhood
Are you planning on not leaving your area because your kids have friends on the same block? Are you resisting yourself from leaving your house because the school of your children is near-by? These are the common reasons families do not prefer to leave their home until their kids are all grown-ups, which might be a long time to go without a change of pace. So, why wait for another 10-15 years to renovate your house? Why not make it up-to-date for the future right now?

7. Avoid embarrassment
Don't waste another couple of years for your friends to hang out at your house just because you are embarrassed by the appearance of your home. Are you one of those who don't invite your friends over because they may laugh at your bathroom's outdated colors and the kitchen in front of it? Get up and bring the change by renovating those doors and kitchen countertops, because they won't be very costly. It definitely wouldn't bother your friends, but the next time you have dinner with your family, you will for sure feel better and see the difference.

8. Your home feels stale
Your house is doing perfectly well, but we can't say that it cannot use a minor boost to it. Paint your baseboards and walls, and it will immediately feel clean and fresh. This is very helpful for people who are going on a strict budget.

9. Make your basement usable
Do you use your basement as a vast storage unit too? Well, wouldn't it be better if you utilize that space and turn it into a more functional and beneficial area for you? For example, you can turn it into a media room, an extra living room, or even install a closet and a window to convert it into a bedroom/guest room. This will add square footage and increase the resale value of your house as well.

10. Avoiding the stress of buying a new home
Let's face it, searching for a new home that fulfills your needs is a big deal, tiresome, and definitely, time taking. Rather than looking for a new home, you can give your bathroom and kitchen a remodel, or you can also remove that wall, which is constantly bugging you. This is the perfect solution to your problem.

What should you know before remodeling your home?
You might have a change of plans in the middle of your remodeling process because of unpredicted events, tight budgets, or other problems. In that case, your excitement for the home renovation can be quickly brought down. But fear not, because while these problems may not be avoided entirely, considering the warning signals before getting started, will help you achieve the same quality results.

1. Be honest with your pocket
We all wish to get the most expensive renovations possible, but that is not always a wise decision. Keeping a balance between your choices and the actual budget you have for the renovation is not an easy job to do. Hence, you have to be very vigilant of what you have in your pocket and the estimated budget spent in renovation in terms of both material and labor. What is shown on the TV shows about renovation and improvement can mislead you when it comes to cost, as the cost is directly proportional to the location and duration of the job. Therefore, always stay true to your pocket and make a proper list of whatever needs replacement beforehand, so you are already aware of it if you have a change of heart along the process.

2. Get an understanding of what's already around your home
You must know what needs to be changed around you and what can go on during the remodeling process. The only way you can achieve is that if you know well what is around the area of your renovation. Later on, even adding a small change to the renovation can disturb the balance of predefined work, and you might end up rewiring everything again.

3. Know who you’re hiring
Great job! You have done everything right on your behalf, but it is equally important that you know whom to hire to get work done because, in the end, you need someone to renovate the place. You can get recommendations from friends and family about a particular contractor or company. For some, it might be enough if the company is very reputable. However, you still should consider detailed checking from reviews, licenses, certificates of insurance, lien history to bond number, and certifications to make sure that the related party is best suited for the kind of renovation you need. The trust and understanding between you and the contractor are fundamental to achieve your vision. Do a short interview with the contractor to get a better idea of who they are and how they’ll carry out your home remodeling project.

4. Don't make assumptions based off television shows
You might have heard this statement somewhere, "Media misleads the masses." It stands true in some cases because TV shows are made for entertainment and information, but it certainly does not mean that it is 100% true. For example, they can show installing a bathroom vanity in the simplest way possible. In actuality, you might need a professional to get that work done. In some cases, like painting, a small room can be done by the homeowner, but painting the whole house might be out of your hand, and trying out stuff with no prior experience can end up being more costly. So do not always believe what is shown on TV.

What is the cost of remodeling a home?
$19,800 to $73,200 is the average post of remodeling, based on the home's size/area, the extent, and the quality of the material and appliances used. As per square foot, the average cost of house remodeling is $15 to $60. However, if you plan on just remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, then the average price homeowners pay between $100 to $250 per square foot. The location and current condition of your also affect the overall cost. From the gut to the studs, and then remodeling can price up to $100,000 to $200,000.

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