When you hire a home builder, you will be sure to live in the home you have always dreamt about. Whether you would like to have a home office, a home theater or a large game room, all you will have to do is share your ideas with your custom home builder.

Benefits of working with a Licensed Home Builder.

1. A general contractor will contract with, manage, coordinate and supervise a project that involves multiple trades as subcontractors (and can do so when properly licensed; in some states it is illegal for the builder to contract with you and subcontractors for the job unless licensed). 

2. Working with a general contractor can save you time, as the job can be handled more efficiently and by someone experienced with construction schedules and awareness of the project’s “critical path” needs. 

3. An experienced general contractor will have a network of connections that benefit you – whether they are the best subcontractors for the task, or knowing how to reach the inspector quickly so you can keep the project moving. 

4. You likely will see cost savings with a builder evaluating multiple bids from subcontractors and getting the benefit of discounted contractor rates with suppliers.

5. A good, licensed builder is experienced with processing permits and inspections (and a license typically is required for the builder to pull permits in its name), and will know up front what needs to be done to meet code requirements. 

6. You usually get better construction loan terms and options from banks if you are working with a licensed general contractor. 

7. A licensed builder should carry all the insurance coverage needed (you still should confirm first for any builder), and will manage insurance coverage by subcontractors too; this means that the builder, not you, will be considered responsible for the risks and liabilities associated with the job. 

8. A licensed builder can provide a contractual warranty to you for the home and its integrity; plus, commercial home warranty companies typically only provide coverage when the home is built by a licensed builder. 

9. In general, a quality home built by an experienced contractor should need less maintenance and fewer repairs during its lifetime; a quality home has better resale value and is likely to hold its value longer.

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