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Our closets are a vital part of our house, yet it gets ignored the most. As a result, we always seem to have a cluttered place with so many unnecessary things lying around. The key to getting rid of them is by having a compact yet spacious domain. This can be done via counseling with closet design professionals.
It has been proven that people living in messy places tend to procrastinate more than people living in a much-decluttered area. Procrastination itself isn’t doing any harm but it can give rise to adverse consequences. For example, you might start working inefficiently at your school or office. There is a greater possibility of having high levels of anxiety and depression, and with that comes lower self-esteem, putting yourself in a position where you are incapable of getting things done.
When you can’t walk around your bedroom because of all the junk on the floor taking up space, or if you can’t open your closet door out of fear that a large pile of sweaters will fall out, that’s when you should call an organization professional or a closet designer. The real question here is whether or not a professional organizer or a custom closet designer would be a better fit for your situation.
Whether you approach a custom closet designer or a professional organizer, they will do the same job of straightening up your home and belongings. But there are factors to consider before finalizing your decision. The differences between their long-term benefits, short-term benefits, and total cost tend to fluctuate between custom closet designers and professional organizers.
By figuring out all these factors beforehand, you’ll be able to find a long-term solution to all of your organizational issues. With the assistance of professional of choice, say ciao to your crowded closets and sweater eruptions.

Custom Closet Designers – How They Work
Custom closet designers make the most out of your space with a custom closet specially designed to keep things beautifully organized and displayed. So how does this work? You need to contact a custom closet designer and schedule a meeting with the designer, initiating the design process.

1. Design Appointment
So you decided you want a custom closet! A time will come when your closet expectations will meet reality. Whichever company you choose to work with for your closet design, make sure to ask them if they offer free design consultation. Then they will approach you and decide on what date and time to meet.

2. Design Process
Part of the design process includes:
• Measurements:
Measuring all the dimensions of a space where the closet needs to be built is the first and foremost step of the closet design. By taking precise measurements, it becomes easier for the professional organizers and custom closet designers to begin the process of picturing how they can create the best closet design that would meet your expectations and demands.
• Taking inventory:
It is critical to take note of all the inventory because that’s what we are building a closet and organizing for. Besides clothes hangers, shoe shelves, or drawers for folded clothes, you might want a jewelry organizer, scarf and belt hanger, or a handbag section. You should know what’s going into your closet to design a suitable space for it since that’s the overall goal of your organization project.
• Creating the design:
Now that you have assessed all your needs, including your goals, inventory, and measurements, your designer will then start the designing phase. Together, you and your organizing professional will plan out your closet design, keeping in mind the fashion inventory, your organizational necessities, and particular goals.

3. Your Closet Designer Helps You Build the Design Framework
Once you and your designer have come up with a perfect organizational design, that is where the fun part begins. Cooperating and communicating with the closet designer would allow you to add all the components that would make your closet design a personalized one.
• Selection of material:
The most popular materials used to make a closet are melamine, textured melamine, painted and glazed wood, as well as natural stained wood. The closet designer will help you pick the best material that goes with the overall theme of the room/house.
• Color Palette
In conjunction with decorative shades of white, gray, natural, and red, you also have options for fancy patterns, wood grain, and textured melamine. If you choose to go with wood finishes, many custom closet designers take custom orders for a variety of wood species ranging from cherry to oak, in any color you desire.
• Accessories are the enhancements
Accessories make your organizational space work in your favor. Jewelry drawers, belt racks, valet rods, and laundry bins are just a few of the basic and most useful of the accessories for your closet. Make sure to ask your designer plenty of questions and inform them of your fashion preferences, so that he can choose which accessory would work best for you while expediting your outfit prepping for the days ahead.

4. Discuss and make the right decision
After all the details, features, and enhancements have been selected, you and your closet designer can discuss how they all fit together in the final design. The designer will help you figure out how they will work and where they will be placed in the closet according to your closet design. The designer will also help you consider the costs before finalizing your choices. They aim to allow you to make an educated decision. Once all the possible options are laid out according to the design you dreamed of, it’s time to make up your mind and give your final verdict.

5. Installation day
At last, the installation process! The minute you endorse your design along with its budget, the designer will start working on the installments according to your given date.

What Is The Cost For A Custom Closet Design?
The cost of your desired closet design depends upon the material you select, and the intricacy of your design. Mostly organizers work under a fixed budget ranging from $55 to $85 per hour. However, there are other things to consider, like the additional cost of your selected material and the possibility of recruiting a constructor apart from the company organizers. Before the beginning of your closet renovation or installation, be certain about all the expenses.
An organizational expert would tell you an almost precise cost before getting their hands into the project. Despite that, there might be some unpredictable fluctuations in the pricing, which is nothing unusual in such projects, so be sure to have an extra room in your financial envelope.

Professional Organizers
A professional organizer always comes in handy when you are struggling with messy places and aids you in making room for things that match your must-haves. Furthermore, they help you to get rid of all the items that are no longer in use for you. Professional organizers are like your go-to lifestyle instructors who understand your needs and manages them according to your desires. Some professional organizers are highly experienced and qualified by the National Association of Professional Organizers. On the other hand, some organizers have no specialized training or any certificates.

How to Choose the Right Professional Organizer?
Interacting with a stranger and letting them into your own private space is not easy. It takes a trustworthy person to step into your room and let you know where you’re going wrong – without actually offending you.
The experience should speak for itself. Make sure to choose the organizer who has been working for years and has their certification. Also, verify them by asking for the photos or reference to projects they have done previously.
Ask your closet organizer these questions before you dive into choosing them for your project:
1. What are your skill sets?
2. Are you licensed?
3. Have you had any specific training courses?
4. What essential supplies do you think you’ll need for this project?
5. Will this design need any contractors from outside?
6. What will be the estimated cost for this design?
7. How long will it take to complete this project?
8. How can I be of any help with regards to this project?
9. Do you have any sample photos or citations regarding your past projects?

The Pros Of Hiring A Professional Organizer
• A professional organizer will understand your problem and helps create a way out of it for you.
• A professional organizer will not add items that are no longer useful to you.
• A professional organizer will tell you to be mindful of purchasing new things or accessories.
• A professional organizer proposes an impartial point of view about the things that deserve a place back in your closet and which items to donate or sell out.

The Cons Of Hiring A Professional Organizer
 You need to take out a lot of time from your schedule to work with your organizer.
 Who’s going to pay for your extra needed storage solutions? You will have to make a budget for additional storage items.
 You might get an urge to buy more since you got rid of so many things, and there is an extra room for storage.
 Minimalism is a lifestyle and a goal; however, it does not satisfy everyone’s personality or individual needs.
 Being organized once doesn’t mean you’ll be organized forever. A cluttered home can be easy to have but hard to keep, which means this process of reorganization will need to be repeated again and again.
 Although your professional organizer will assist you in having control over untidy rooms, this process could get costly, challenging, and helpful only on the short-term.

Who To Hire – Custom Closet Designer Vs Professional Organizers?
The people that benefit most from hiring a custom closet designer are those who are not looking to become minimalists. They simply want a slot where they can store their items individually and efficiently to keep the clutter to a minimum.
Are you already a minimalist or want to become one? When employing professional organizers, it is essential to speak about your needs in as much detail as possible. It is part of their job to be all ears without consuming yourself in fear of being judged. Instead, plan with your organizer in advance so you can get your organizational status straight on the right path. They will help you get rid of the unnecessary stuff lingering around in your closet.

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