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Window cleaning is an essential part of your household chores, so let me ask you a question: when was the last time you wrote it in your list of priorities of the day? Cleaning your windows tends to be a priority that manages to keep on moving to the bottom line of your to-do list. However, once you’re done with this task, you will see a massive difference in the entire look of your house, giving a pleasant look for the outsiders as well.

Pros of Hiring a Professional Window Cleaning Service
Even though cleaning the windows may not seem like a big deal, you may need to hire professionals for it. Letting the professionals do their job has some perks which you may not get by doing this task yourself. Here are some of the perks of hiring professionals.

• Proper tools and cleaner:
At home, you may go with any regular cleaner to tidy your windows, but you will notice that their effect will not be long-lasting. On the other hand, a professional will come with the appropriate cleaners, having the perfect blend of cleaning solutions and top-quality wipes, equipment, and clothes to bring about the best results, finishing off with a brighter and tidier look to your house. Having this task accomplished will make your home look pampered, better, and cleaner. It will also make the home look pleasing for the potential buyers.

• Fix leaks and other problems:
We all have faced the problem of raining water entering our house through our windows at some point. It may not seem serious, but it gets worse with time. Like a doctor, an expert window cleaner analyzes the problem and provides you with the best solution to keep the water out by sealing them permanently.
Termites, catch wood rot, mildew, or insufficient insulation problems are the sign of things getting worse, but catching them in the early stages.

• Clean hard water stains and provide sealant:
The hardest part of completing a window cleaning is getting rid of the stubborn water stains. Expert window cleaners help fight off those pesky hard stains, as well as applying a protective sealant to your window to avoid any further accretion.

• Hard to reach areas:
Reaching windows on the ground floor is much easier, but when it comes to cleaning the windows of the second floor or above, it gets hard and somewhat unsafe. However, this is not the case with the experts because they are highly equipped and take care of all the safety measures to clean your windows from top floor windows to external windows and even skylights, which you usually ignore. Plus, you won’t have to worry about falling off from the ladder.

What should you ask your window cleaners before hiring them?
When hiring the cleaning experts, don’t hesitate to make some phone calls for your benefit. All the time you put in will be worth it, as it will get you your desired services done in the best way possible. But before making a decision, ask your professional some questions, and here are a few to begin with.

1. Do they clean blinds?
It will be a rational approach to ask your cleaning company if they clean the blinds as well. However, they might charge more for it to be done. On the other hand, if they do not offer to clean blinds, make sure to clean them first before you get your windows cleaned. If you don’t, chances are all the dust and dirt from the blinds will rub off on your nicely cleaned windows.

2. Do they have references or online reviews?
Reliable and experienced professionals have a long list of good reviews and references, and they aren’t afraid of showing you some. Take out time to reach out to the potential experts, or ask them for their social media account or any websites where you can review their work. This kind of approach works for both commercial and residential window cleaner professionals.

3. Do they move fragile items or furniture?
There are times when moving the sensitive furniture or items isn’t necessary to clean the windows. But, the fact that no matter how carefully the professionals do their job, mishaps or accidents can happen. So, if they do not provide you with such services, then you should move the fragile furniture to safety beforehand. A point to be noted again, if they are offering services like these, then make sure to ask them about any additional cost ahead of time.

4. How do you ensure the safety of your employees?
Some of the most critical accidents that can happen while cleaning the window are related to the ladder that they use to reach higher areas. It is the primary reason for injuries to the cleaners. This is why it is important to ask the company what safety measures the cleaner will take. Do they give any specialized training to the cleaners on how to protect themselves when they are cleaning areas that are hard-to-reach or windows which are to be cleaned by climbing up to the roof? It is very crucial to keep in mind the safety of other people as well as the cleaner.

5. Do they offer other services? If yes, then what are those?
Apart from just cleaning the windows, there are other services provided by the cleaning company as well, which is like a roof, house, or gutter cleaning. There are times when they give out pressure washing too. Due to this, it is important to ask beforehand if you offer such services when you pay a visit to their company. A full package of cleaning is much more inexpensive and efficient rather than getting these chores done separately. Besides this, a combined bundle of cleaning can be a huge advantage during the springtime, especially when you do not have the luxury of having time to clean your house yourself.

Cleaning the exterior and interior windows is a hard job to take on by yourself. But if you know whom to contact and rely upon, then getting your task done is not a big deal.

Should I DIY My Window Cleaning?
Cleaning all the windows in your house may feel like a burden or an immense amount of extra workload, but it isn’t and only requires minimal efforts.
Before getting your hands dirty, do research on what type of cleaner you prefer for cleaning your windows and then all the essential supplies like cloths and a ladder to reach every window of your home. There are endless ways to get your windows cleaned without the need for chemicals and achieve a smudge-free look. This may also help cut down the expenses.
Wish to get rid of all the dirt and oil? Get yourself white vinegar because it will just do the job. All you will need is mix ¼ cup of vinegar and ½ teaspoon of dish soap, along with 2 cups of warm water. Add some essential oils to prevent the odor of vinegar.
To wipe down your windows, make sure to use a lint-free cloth. Regular clothes, fabrics, and sponges might leave streaks or scratches.
If you choose to go with commercial-grade products, then know that many hardware stores have just the right options for commercial-grade cleaning products to clear out every mess left by the renovations or construction side. If you want it simple, then Windex is an excellent option to start with.

How Much Does A DIY Window Cleaning Kit Cost?
A high standard starter window cleaning kit starts from about $75 - $190, which includes cleaning head, extension pole, and scrapper.
Buy a starter window washing kit cost ranging between $75 - $130, which includes scraper, cleaner, and a bucket.

How Much Does a Window Cleaning Service Cost?
An average per window cleaning job costs $211. The smaller jobs start at $80 and build up to $421 according to the number of windows and hard to reach areas. However, the maximum number of window cleaning jobs pricing varies between $149 and $293. The pricing depends upon the size of the window, how dirty they are, their height, and kind of window.
The size of the window plays a vital role in determining the cost of getting the windows cleaned by a professional. For example, an expert would clean all the residential windows for the same cost as only one window starting from the ground floor and reaching up to the ceiling of a commercial window. The type of window being cleaned may also increase the cost of the cleaning service. A single pane window will cost more than a skylight or a multi-pane bay window.

What are the factors that affect the overall cost of cleaning residential windows?
- Height of windows
- Number of windows
- Small requisite details (blinds, sills, screens, tracks, etc.)
- Area and extent of dirtiness

How often should you get your windows cleaned?
Getting your windows twice in a year is good enough, but it also depends upon environmental factors, like dust, highly-trafficked door, and even storms or other natural disasters in your area.

Should you clean windows on a sunny day?
The perfect weather for cleaning the windows is a cloudy day. A sunny day is not the best option since it would make the cleaning solution dry faster and leave smudges. 

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