Why should you clean your air ducts? Not only do they bring the air from the air conditioner to each room in your home but they also collect dust, dirt, and even mold. The air ducts in your home should be inspected and serviced at least every 3 to 5 years.

Air duct cleaning can significantly improve the quality of the air in your home and improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit. If someone in your household suffers from allergies air duct cleaning may be the perfect solution for you; by cleaning the ducts you can remove all the harmful dirt, dust and contaminants that can end up in your family’s lungs.

Reasons to get your air ducts cleaned

Do you ever find yourself constantly dusting around your home and never understand how it just keeps coming back no matter how much you clean. Dust can accumulate in your air ducts and start to become distributed through the house every time your air turns on. The dust will continue to flow through your home until your ducts are properly cleaned.


Hair, dust, Mold, Dander can all accumulate in your ducts and block the air flow causing your HVAC system to work twice as hard. This can cause the life span of your Air Conditioning system to become short. Proper airflow is needed to have your Air Conditioner working at maximum efficiency; this in turn can also save you money on your electric bill since your HVAC system no longer has to work as hard.


Animal dander and fur can also become trapped in your vents and cause a buildup making it hard for the air to reach each room properly. Animal dander and fur can also cause fungus, bacteria, and germs to grow in the vents causing people with allergies to have reactions. Air ducts are a perfect place for bacteria, mold, and fungi to grow; this then gets spread around your home and finds its way into your family’s lungs, cleaning your air ducts is the only way to prevent the growth of these harmful contaminants.

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