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The Mold Pros began with a simple goal: Find a better way to remediate indoor air quality issues.

Dealing with mold in your home or business is scary enough. Adding toxic chemicals, tearing things apart, and creating a bigger mess than you started with didn’t seem like much of a solution. We knew we could solve the problem safely, easily, quickly, and affordably-–– and we have.

Our roots date back to the founding of National Remediation Inc. in 2009. The vision was to safely and effectively treat indoor mold issues without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins. In 2011, we became affiliated with Midwest Environmental Professionals (MEP). Based in the Kansas City metro area, MEP worked with several health care providers which specialized in mold related health concerns. 2013 brought the development of our Proprietary Formula. Used exclusively by The Mold Pros, our proven safe-and-effective bio-enzyme solution treats mold naturally… with science! Bio-enzymes actually digest and break down mold and mold spores, leaving behind only a fresh smell and none of the potentially harmful residues or gases that result from the chemicals or biocides typically used in remediation.

The Mold Pros safely and effectively treats indoor mold issues without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins.
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Our business grew to address many of the moisture issues that contribute to indoor mold growth including crawl space encapsulation, foundation and basement crack
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