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Monkey Bar Storage is a great way to get a customized garage storage system without an outrageous price. We have everything from shelving and cabinets to flooring and overhead storage at an affordable price to transform the look and usability of your garage.
I have been running a handyman business for the past 7 years, and had been building custom shelves and cabinets. One day my brother had Monkey Bars installed in his garage and suggested that I look into the product. After looking into it I found that Monkey Bars is a much more efficient way to store items and is also less expensive.
Give us a call today, and our professionals will come out for a no-obligation home estimate. We’ll assess the amount and types of items you need to organize and store, and come up with the best solution, tailored specifically for you.
Contact: MONKEY BARS .
Location: Fort Myers, FL 33908
Phone: 239.851.2307
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