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With affordable pricing, quality products, and industry expertise, we help tailor our unique home improvement to your space and planned use. We’re dedicated to helping you create a beautiful, functional living or working space.

Energy efficient, slim sightlines, and bespoke opening sizes make folding doors an essential part of any seasonally transitional home improvment design. Open a more comfortable lifestyle with folding glass doors on your home or office!

Michigan Folding Doors can help you create a new glass door system, sun or patio enclosure or replace existing door walls with glass walls and sliding accordion doors.

We are committed to helping you build brighter or open up and let more sunshine in. We do this by offering the guidance you need to select and design to your taste - not push our ideas or cookiecutter designs on you. We’ll handle the technical, ordering/delivery, and installation or help with your DIY.

Quality materials, versatile options, client vision and our experience mixed well to produce a winning recipe. With Michigan Folding Doors, open wider and say ahh.

“We eat, sleep, repeat construction and sunnier spaces for over 30 years. I started my company with only the goal of helping more customers enjoy time at home in better light with more open space. Michigan Folding Door give clients space for living, working, creating, entertaining.” —Eric Brakke
Michigan Folding Doors / Michigan Sunroom Service LLC
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