Home Pros Guide Frequently Asked Questions

Contractors Directory:

What type of businesses do you have on your website?
At Home Pros Guide, we focus on the house needs. Here you can find home remodelers and home service provides.
Are these contractors licensed & insured?
Most of the contractors are licensed & insured, but not all companies listed in the magazine are required to be in order to operate their business.
What’s the selection process for your contractors?
The eligibility to advertise in our magazine is determined by the Sales Representative when meeting with the business owners. At that time the Sales Representative will determine if the advertiser meets the qualities of the magazine we provide to homeowners.
Is there any charge if I use a contractor from your company?
Our magazine is delivered free of charge to homeowners all across south and West Florida. As well as our Online Contractors Directory. There is never a fee to call contractors from our magazine. We strive to offer reliable contractors in your area without any charge to you.
How can I leave a review for a company that advertisers on www.HomeProsGuide.com?
Simply, go to www.HomeProsGuide.com and search for the company you are looking for in the search bar located at the top of the page. Once you reach the desired company’s profile, scroll down the page to the “Review” box and leave your review.
How can I print a coupon?
On our website once you click on available coupons there should be a print icon which will enable a pop up for you to be able to print a coupon from one of our contractors.
I’m trying to reach someone that advertises on your website, but I’m having trouble getting in contact with them. What do I do?
If you are not able to reach someone who is listed on our site, please give us a call at 866.579.1253 our helpful staff will try to contact the company on your behalf.
How often is www.HomeProsGuide.com updated?
We are updating out site every day with new pictures, new contractors, Advices Etc’
How can I create a homeowner’s account?
Please find your way to our home page and you will be able to create your account by clicking on tab in the top right corner that says “Sign In / Create Account”.
If I create a homeowner account, is there a fee?
No, all of our services are at no cost to the homeowner. We strive to provide homeowners with trustworthy and reliable Home Pros that specialize in all aspects of home improvement.
Can I contact a contractor through their profile on your website?
By clicking on the profile of the contractor, in the top right corner there is a “Contact Us” tab that will direct you to fill out a contact form.’


How can I receive your magazine to my home? Is there a charge to receive the magazine?
To start receiving our magazine, simply give us a quick call at 866.579.1253 or email us at info@homeprosguide.com and our friendly staff will be happy to add you to our mailing list. Our magazine is delivered right to your front door completely free of charge.
What if I don’t want to receive your magazine?
If you would like to stop receiving our magazine to your home please give us a call at 866.579.1253 or send us an email at info@homeprosguide.com with your home address so that our staff may remove you from our mailing list. Please do note that it does take a few months for the post office to completely remove your address from our distribution list.
Can I change the address I receive the magazine?
If you are moving or planning a move and would like to continue to receive our beautiful magazine, please give us a call so that we may add your new home address to our mailing list to make sure you never miss a month of Home Pros Guide Magazine.
Can I use contractors from the magazine if I live in an apartment or townhome?
Our magazine is only delivered to single family homes; Our Online Directory is available to all and you may call any contractor from the magazine to see if they do business in apartments or townhomes.
What kind of magazine are you?
We are a home improvement magazine that has been established since 2005. We have two purposes here at Home Pros Guide Magazine: 1) To deliver homeowners a way to reach local reputable contractors and service providers for their home needs. 2)To provide home professionals the ability to reach qualified home owners and grow their business.
If I subscribe to your magazine how do I know which magazine I’ll get?
We have a total of 6 magazines; reaching the east and west coasts of Florida. You will receive the magazine that is catered to your specific area.
When will I receive the magazine?
The magazine starts arriving at homes the first Thursday of every month. Please keep in mind that we do deliver magazines to hundreds of thousands of homes and it does take time for our magazines to reach all of the homes.
How often is Home Pros Guide Magazine published?
Home Pros Guide Magazine is printed by edition (2 months = 1 edition), but homeowners receive the magazine monthly.
What area is Home Pros Guide Magazine available?
Home Pros Guide Magazine is available in Broward County, Miami Dade County, Palm Beach County, Collier and Lee County.
I missed an edition. Can I get a replacement?
Simply give our office a call at 866.579.1253 and our friendly staff will be happy to issue you a hard copy of your missed edition.
I received a damaged issue. Can I get a replacement?
Simply give our office a call at 866.579.1253 and our friendly staff will be happy to issue you a replacement of your damaged issue.
How do I get in contact with someone who is not in the current edition of Home Pros Guide Magazine?
If someone is not in the current edition of our magazine unfortunately we are no longer able to tell if that company is still reputable. If you are looking for a specific type of company in your area our staff will be happy to assist you with trustworthy options.

Contractors Directory Advertising:

How can I list my company on your webpage?
On www.homeprosguide.com you can click on the Are You A Home Pro? Tab on the top and create your profile.
How many photos can I upload on to my business profile?
Home Pros Guide doesn’t limit the number of photos you can place. We encourage you to upload as many photos as possible. The photos should have high resolution, so they will look clear and represent your company well.

Magazine Advertising:

What is included when advertising in the magazine?
When advertising in the magazine the following is included: ad design, an optional call tracking number, a customizable profile on our website, exposure on our social media pages like Facebook and Instagram, and distribution to hundreds of thousands of homes.
How can I list my company in your magazine?
To be advertised in the magazine you can give us a quick call at 866.579.1253 or e-mail contact@homeprosguide.com. We will connect you with can a sales rep that can better assist you with your advertising questions.
Is it an extra charge to have your company create an ad for me?
When choosing to advertise in Home Pros Guide Magazine, the design of your ad is at no extra cost.
How do I know how many calls I’m receiving from the magazine?
If you opt to receive a call tracking number with us, you will be given a username and password where you will be able to monitor your calls. You will also be able to review them, see the date and time the calls were received and see the total calls you have gotten for the time you have selected.
How many homes receive the magazine?
Depending on the area you wish to advertise in, our magazines are sent to a minimum of 100,000 each in South Palm and North Palm, and a maximum of each 140,000 in Broward, Dade, Lee, and Collier Counties.
Besides the magazine, what other advertising services do you offer?
We offer DAL postcards which is a 5x9 postcard that will be mailed separately from the magazine. This advertising is not only for home improvement companies, any business is welcomed! In addition to, we offer an insert which is an 11.5x5.5 extra-Bookmark Insert that will be mailed inside the magazine. Only 1 Postcard/Insert per household. We also offer digital advertising services.
Does my ad reach the same people in print and online?
Online and in print are two completely different ways we help your company grow. Our website has hundreds of visitors daily where they can view companies and search for the specific services. Our magazine is mailed to home owners who we pick and choose by their house value and their income.
Is call tracking an extra charge?
When choosing to advertise in Home Pros Guide Magazine, a call tracking number is an option at no cost to you.
When is the next deadline?
The deadline for each print is the 1st of every even month throughout the year. For example, the deadline for our July-August Edition is June 1st.
When will the next magazine be mailed out?
The magazine starts arriving at homes the first Thursday of every month (excluding holidays). Please keep in mind that we do deliver magazines to hundreds of thousands of homes and it does take time for our magazines to reach all the homes.
How do I contact a member of the Home Pros Guide Magazine staff?
To contact a member of the Home Pros Guide Magazine staff simply call us at 866.579.1253 or go to the Contact Us tab on our website and fill out the form below.
How do I access digital magazines?
Our digital magazines are conveniently located on our home page. Simply select the magazine you wish to view based on your area.
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