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Arched Window Treatments are our most popular service!  From small arched windows to 2 1/2 story windows we have done them all.  Our proprietary manufacturing technique ensure a perfect fit to any arched window.  We can also apply the arched look to any non-arched window.
By: CONTEMPO HOME INTERIOR | Created 10/11/2019

Window Shutters have been around for many years. In the past, window shutters provided an effective way to help protect against the elements of nature. In our times, window shutters are still popular as exterior and interior window blinds providing protection for your family home in addition to a wide variety of benefits. These are just some of the benefits of using shutters.

Exterior window shutters

Adding exterior window shutters can give your property a touch of natural beauty and make it look more appealing and less distressing, most of the time, also add value to your residence if you decide to offer for sale. However, they provide even more benefits than appearance. These are a few of the benefits that outdoor window shutters can offer.

Protection for your home windows: because of changing weather conditions, many regions of South Florida are susceptible to strong winds, heavy rain, high temperature and other climate conditions that may crack and even destroy glass windows. Adding exterior window blinds can protect your home windows from adverse climate conditions.

Increase level of privacy: your property is your place of refuge and having exterior window shutters can protect your personal privacy. Because most closed window shutters are actually solid, they can maintain people from looking out any home window once their family members would like extra personal privacy.

It will help stay away from breaking and entering: although exterior window shutters usually do not look like a kind of security for your property, they can truly help prevent breaking and entering. Most robbers just do not want to risk time damaging the window blinds to gain access to your property, because the much longer they will stay, the more probable they are to be discovered.

While exterior window shutters can protect your home windows and help prevent robbery, interior window shutters have all those benefits and even more.

Benefits of interior window shutters

The interior shutters are more popular. This is credited in large part that interior window blinds are incredibly flexible and then match up with the decoration of any kind of home. Below are a few of the incredible advantages of interior window shutters.

Fresh and clean styles: interior window shutters give your home windows clean and sharp styles that most people find very eye-catching. Unlike curtains, window shutters do not flex or wrinkle, therefore you will not have to worry about any kind of space in your home having an unhappy and careless overall look because of those covered curtains.

Improved energy efficiency: Window shutters in fact help to keep your property more comfortable in winter and much cooler in summer time, which helps decrease energy bills and will let you save money.

Protect your home furniture against removal: Since you can control how much light enters your property, you can better safeguard your home furniture as well as , floor coverings from those bright ultraviolet sun rays, that really help prevent staining and allow your home furniture to look brand-new.

Easy to maintain: Window shutters are one of the most simple window blinds to maintain. In most cases, all you need to do is clean them with a humid towel once in a while. Drapes must be removed and washed or dry cleaned to be appropriately cleaned, costing you money and time, and window blinds may be hard to clean and prevent all of them from turning yellow as time passes.

Additionally, the interior and exterior Window shutters could be personalized to match any home window, including arched home windows. They are simple to preserve and clean, and a set of high quality Window shutters may last for many years while not having to be replaced, consequently selecting the most appropriate Window shutters for your home and your style is simple and easy.

Window Shutters can make a big difference to the appearance and functionality of your property for greater or worse, therefore selected properly. For more information about contact us by phone or email.

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