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By: SWAT MOSQUITO SYSTEMS | Created 03/18/2020

Did you know that over 80 species of mosquitoes make Florida their home? No other state comes close to having such mosquito diversity. As we all know, mosquitoes cause many diseases and should be dealt with as effectively as possible to prevent the spread of these diseases to humans and other animals.


Several Cities in Florida Made the Top 50 of Mosquito Infected Cities

florida mosquitoesMosquitoes are an all-too-familiar pest for Floridians. A recent news article from the Miami Herald touches on some of the major cities in Florida that are prone to mosquitoes. One recent list of worst mosquito cities, Miami went down six spots from last year, making it number 14. The fact that Miami came down a few spots is good news, but for Miamians, they don’t have much to celebrate about, at least not yet. It seems people in Miami are wising up to the best mosquito misting systems and doing their part in mosquito removal.  Unfortunately, several other cities like Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville also made the top 50. Plus, on a separate list courtesy of CBS Miami, Miami came in number 10, with other Florida cities (Orlando, Tampa, West Palm, and Jacksonville) all placing in the top 50. 

Time to Act

It’s no surprise that Florida cities make the list of cities most infested with mosquitoes. Thanks to the humid temperature and frequent rain, Florida’s mosquito season is year-round for a large variety of mosquitos. Knowing that Florida has more species of mosquitoes than any other state, and seeing that five of our cities make the top 50 of mosquito-infected cities makes it obvious that living in Florida, it is essential to have an effective mosquito misting system.

The World Health Organization has named the mosquito “one of the deadliest animals in the world” because of its ability to carry and spread diseases to humans. In order to avoid the host of diseases that mosquitoes are known to infect humans with, you should have a solid and effective mosquito removal and mosquito prevention strategy.


mosquito misting system FloridaCombat Mosquitos with the Best

There are many different methods to get rid of mosquitos. Some do-it-yourself methods call for herbs and oils, some for garlic and clove crushed and dispersed in the affected area, and the list goes on. No matter the do-it-yourself mosquito removal strategy, they all have one thing in common: the results are not as effective as people would like.  The only tried and true method of both prevention and removal of mosquitoes available to the public is a professional mosquito misting system, a truly effective tool against mosquitoes.



Trust Your Safety to the Best

SWAT Mosquito Systems is, simply put, the best option for a professional mosquito misting system. At SWAT, we use the best application methods to remove mosquitoes en masse, as applied by our highly trained technicians. Our friendly support team is standing by to provide you with a mosquito misting system that will get rid of mosquitoes once and for all. Are you ready to regain peace of mind and enjoy the great outdoors without repellant or bug bites? If so, give us a call at 1-866-900-SWAT (7928) or complete our online contact form for a free estimate.


By: SWAT MOSQUITO SYSTEMS | Created 03/18/2020

When a mosquito bites you, it does so by piercing the skin and draws blood with a needle-like mouth, also called proboscis. To prevent your blood from clotting, the mosquito injects you with an anticoagulant. The anticoagulant is in the mosquito’s saliva. Only female mosquitoes bite, and they do so to acquire the necessary nutrients for them to produce and lay eggs.

How Your Body Reacts
But why do mosquito bites itch? A healthy body responds by recognizing this foreign substance (the anticoagulant) as an attack. As part of the body’s defense, it releases histamine. That release of histamine is what makes you itch. The itching is an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva. Your body will then enlarge the blood vessels in the surrounding area, which results in the typical mosquito bump.

why do mosquito bites itchThe more your body gets attacked by mosquitoes, the more your body will get used to this foreign substance resulting in a lesser reaction. If you have ever traveled to a new country and noticed that mosquito bites are itchier, this is because you are encountering a species of mosquitoes you are not accustomed to. Therefore, the body reacts strongly. Also, keep in mind that not everyone builds a tolerance over time.

When you scratch a mosquito bite, the skin becomes even more inflamed, and since inflammation causes your skin to itch, you get stuck in a cycle where scratching will cause more itching. Plus, by continuing to scratch, you put yourself at risk of breaking the skin and causing an infection, which leads to even more of an itch.

How Do You Avoid the Annoying Itch?
If the itching is caused by histamine, try using an antihistamine or regular anti-allergy medication. Calamine lotion tends to give good results. Applying cold to the affected area also works well because it helps with the swelling. Some people swear by honey, oatmeal, or aloe vera. While there are no real mosquito bites cures, the application of these soothing elements might help with the itch.

mosquito bites cureWhen it Comes to Mosquitoes, the Best Defense is a Relentless Attack
Why deal with the itching when you can avoid getting bitten altogether? Protect your home with a mosquito misting system. Present a relentless attack to the flying pests by having a system that routinely sprays an efficient pesticide. Use one that does not harm humans, and that can be triggered at any time for extra protection. Pest control specialists recommend mosquito misting systems to protect from mosquitoes and other insects.

Trust SWAT for All Your Mosquito Fighting Needs
When installing a mosquito misting system, only the best will do. SWAT Mosquito Systems uses the best components in the market. Our staff is made up of trained technicians, and we are always happy to assist in any way we can. Reach us for a free estimate at 1-866-900-SWAT (7928) and don’t forget to ask about our mosquito control guarantee.

By: PREMIER HORTICULTURE | Created 10/10/2019

Few things enhance a home or business than having a perfect lawn. It frames the structure with green, creating an inviting atmosphere and a pleasing environment. A healthy lawn also conveys the sense that the owner cares about their property.

However, keeping a green and healthy lawn can become a real challenge when your property comes under attack by pests such as grubs or chinches. There is a wide variety of insects that can do harm to your lawns, gardens and trees, but what is important to remember is that there is a solution.

Premier Horticulture has many years of experience helping people in the surrounding area return their lawns to the beautiful, pest-free, green spaces they were before.

Signs you have lawn insects

There are many different signs that insects have invaded your lawn. However, as there are quite a variety let us look at the general signs rather than specific insects.

Brown spots or patches – Sometimes brown patches occur because of chemicals, a mower that is too low or poor soil conditions. Insects and other pests are also the cause for many a brown patch. They go into the soil and either eat the nutrients that the plants need or destroy the root system. Either way, it leads to your grass dying from starvation. To check this you will need to inspect the affected area, and possibly remove a small section to check underneath.

Leaf damage - Gardens tend to attract even more pests than lawns due to the various plants, flowers and vegetables that grow there; it is a buffet for many pests. We suggest having a look at the bite marks on the leaves or vegetables to try to spot the culprits. If all that is left are signs of damage, we can help determine what kind of nuisance is the cause and what lawn pest control strategy will work best.

Yard pest control done right

Unfortunately, there is no one magic cure that can remove all pests from your property. This is because different pests need to be handled in different ways. Some insects have become immune to older methods of extermination or removal, so you need a professional who can identify the issue and come up with the right solution.

The team of professionals at Premier Horticulture will come to your property and perform a thorough pest inspection to evaluate the problem. Once we know what you are dealing with, then we will walk you through the possible options for your lawn pest control, what to expect and how much it will cost.

Grass bugs and garden bugs – Get Out!

Premier Horticulture offers many different lawn pest control solutions to turn your landscape into a thriving sea of green. If you have any questions or concerns about the lawn treatments and other services we provide or what can be done about a particular pest, please feel free to contact us. We will get rid of those unwanted guests so you can get back to enjoying the beauty of nature.

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