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Garage Flooring & Sealing

By: ENCORE GARAGE OF SWFL | Created 03/20/2020

In , home owners seem to take a special pride in their garages. Garage floor coating and garage cabinets in have become one of the most popular home improvement services of the last ten years. home owners regard their garages as an integral part of their homes. Much more than just a place to part their cars, garages are a place to store, organize and utilize. Whether hobby centers, man caves or kids sports play areas, garage in have taken center stage.

garage organization starts with a plan based on first determining which items need to be kept and stored in the garage and which needs to go. Once it has been decided what will be kept, a design plan needs to be developed to allow for the efficient storage of all items. How the garage will be utilized, expectations and budgets need to be discussed. Garage storage in generally includes a combination of closed cabinet storage, wall storage using SlatWall systems and overhead storage using ceiling mounted racks.

In homeowners want their garages to look and feel like an extension of the home itself so aesthetics play a big part. Garage floor coatings in has become a must in any garage organization and enhancement project. garage floor coating sets the stage for a space that will soon take on an entirely new and improved feel. An epoxy and/or polyaspartic flooring system providing a simulated terrazzo and granite look with a richness making the garage feel like an interior room in the home. garage floor coating systems also protect the concrete and make it easy to clean and maintain.

Top garage design experts in know how to take a project from start to finish to deliver a garage transformation that will add value to the home while significantly improving the homeowners quality of life.

By: PREMIER GARAGE | Created 03/18/2020

Tailored Living PremierFlex™ garage floor tiles are a fun yet practical way to improve the garage. With over a dozen color choices offered, you have the ability to personalize your space by using color combinations inspired by your favorite sports team, hobbies, or other design interests. Tile patterns could even be used to define parking spaces or other designated areas. With a little creativity, your custom garage floor can transform the existing space into a new and exciting area. Choosing the right color combination can be a difficult process for some, so don't hesitate to contact your local Tailored Livingorganization specialist to help you find the right solution.

Garages are inherently one of the hardest places in the house to keep clean because of rain water, tracked-in dirt, and car fluid leaks that add to the accumulation of sawdust and other debris floating around from garage projects. Our garage floor tiles have a unique design that allows easy cleaning and liquids to drain for safe walking or playing. The PremierFlex™ tiles' design offers a safety measure by allowing liquids to drain. This design also allows dirt to fall through for easy clean up keeping your garage looking spotless. Flex flooring tile is great for garages, workshops, exercise rooms, kid's rooms and playrooms, as well as patios or even around the swimming pool. With all the wear and teargarage flooring goes through; it only makes sense to use an option that can endure your day-to-day activities. By utilizing garage floor tiles, you will have a convenient alternative to the commonly used concrete floor. The tiles are durable and can handle heavy pressure, not to mention they're extremely easy to take care of.

The Truth Recap:

• Garage flooring can be sporty and inexpensive
• Garage tiles are easy to clean
• There are vast color options available for garage flooring tiles that can be customized to your liking
• Garage flooring rarely has to be replaced or repaired- its designed to endure heavy pressure
Be sure to contact your local Tailored Living organization specialist today for a free in-home consultation and ask how you can save during our Summer Saving Sale. During the consultation you will have the chance to explore options that best fit your home and garage space. Click here to view examples of our beautiful garage designs.

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